Antonia Gates
Type Cutscene/Battle
Days 93-100
Location Central
NPCs Tobias, Kenan, Knight, Lord Agony, War Machine, Emi, Isaiah, Heathern
Enemies Clockworks: Elite Soldier, Elite Archer, Elite Knight,
Elite Brute, Elite Shielder, Elite Magician,
Elite Healer, Elite Flyer, Elite Phantom

Kingdom Force: Knight, Pikeman, Archer

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Days 93 through 100Edit

Antonia Gates is the last section of the game. Days 93 to 100 take place here. For days 93 - 97, you will fight clockworks. For days 98 - 100, you will fight Kingdom Force. The Elite Phantom is the only enemy to be introduced in the level. No turrets, traps or helpers are obtained here.

Trivia Edit

  • Antonia Gates name is put on a name pun, Antonio Gates, an American football player.