Beast (Brute)
New boss beast
Faction Clockworks
Source 1000
Health 2799 (easy),
4000 (Normal),

5000 (hard)

Damage Punch: 20, Charge: 55 (easy):

Punch: 30, Charge: 80 (Normal): Punch: 37, Charge: 100 (hard)

Ability Has a powerful charging attack
First encountered Day 60, Ironfist Quarry

Beast is the boss Clockwork version of the Clockwork Brute. Beast appears on Day 60, in Ironfist Quarry, along with the Silver Brute and the Weaken Touch trap.


Beast appears as a boss in Siege in Antonia North, on siege Day 10.


  • Beast is often mistakenly called Brute, as the two words are synonyms.
  • Sometimes, When Beast is charging into a wall, he can do 1000 damage, completely destroying walls.
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