For the Kingdom Force, see Knight.
Clockwork Knight
New enemy knight
Faction Clockworks
Source 110
Health 209 (easy), 300 (normal), 375 (hard)
Damage 9 (easy), 13 (normal), 16 (hard)
Ability Powerful spinning attack
First encountered Day 6, Seacrest Shores

Clockwork Knights are more advanced than Clockwork Soldiers. They are tougher and cause more damage. They have a special spinning attack which does massive damage to anything nearby.


Silver KnightEdit

Knights upgrade to Silver Knights on Day 58 at Ironfist Quarry. Silver Knights have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Elite KnightEdit

Silver Knights upgrade to Elite Knights on Day 76 at Tarn Highlands. Elite Knights have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Heavy Edit

Heavy is the boss version of the Clockwork Knight. Like Pain, he wears red armour and unlike regular clockworks, he does not fall apart after one day (thus meaning he must be destroyed within the time limit for the day to be completed). Unlike the other clockwork knights, Heavy can stun Lock, making him unable move or attack for a few seconds. Heavy is fought on Day 36 at Iceflo Tagia and appears as boss in Siege in Antonia East, on Day 15.

Siege Mode Edit

In Siege mode, Clockwork Knights appear from the left side and walk to the tower. It's hammer attack does 75 damage to the tower. It takes 2 shots to kill. 1 shot and it will be stunned. 2 shots and it will be destroyed. When destroyed they drop 150 source.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning


caballero mecasoldado



clockwork knight


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