Clockwork Phantom
New enemy phantom
Faction Clockworks
Source 135
Health 279 (easy) 400 (normal) 500 (hard)
Damage 10 (easy) 14 (normal) 18 (hard) (DS)
3 (normal) (PS4)
Ability Turn invisible, can be found by a Revealer helper
First encountered Day 47, The Fallen Crypt

Clockwork Phantoms are ghost-like clockworks that possess a cloaking ability that renders them invisible and very difficult to track. The archineer guild invented a tower to reveal them, so they can be damaged by turrets or traps.


Silver PhantomEdit

Phantoms upgrade to Silver Phantoms on Day 70 at Marshe Lowlands. Silver Phantoms have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Elite PhantomEdit

Silver Phantoms upgrade to Elite Phantoms on Day 94 at Antonia Gates. Elite Phantoms have increased attack power and health, and drop more Source.

Phantom Ringleader Edit

Phantom Ringleader is a red version of the Clockwork Phantom. Phantom Ringleader is fought as a boss in The Fallen Crypt on Day 49. In battle, the Phantom Ringleader will appear on-screen, and then turning invisible. He is found by the Revealer helper, however, the Phantom Ringleader does not attack the defences. The day is lost if Lock is defeated or if time runs out. The day is won when the Phantom Ringleader is defeated.

Names in other languages
Language Name Meaning



Clockwork Phantom


Silver SoldierSilver ArcherSilver KnightSilver BruteSilver ShielderSilver BurrowerSilver HealerSilver FlyerSilver Phantom
Elite SoldierElite ArcherElite KnightElite BruteElite ShielderElite BurrowerElite MagicianElite HealerElite Flyer
Elite Phantom
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