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Massive army

A massive army of Clockworks.

Clockworks, also referred as Clockwork Army, or Agony's Army, are the main antagonists in the game. They are robot-like structures created out of animated armor, gears, and Source by Lord Agony. Their sole purpose is to destroy everything in their path.


First WarEdit

K Vs C

Kingdom vs. Clockwork

The original Clockworks were the creations of Agonius. After his banishment from Antonia for his refusal to halt his experiments to create life using Source, he used his considerable talent to create the original Clockworks out of animated gears and armor, using them as an army to wage war with Antonia for control of the source wells. The first war lasted a unknown amount of time. It was very destructive for both sides, but the clockworks slowly gained more and more ground. In a last ditch assault, the Archineers attacked Lord Agony's fortress on Dark Ridge. It is unknown exactly what happened within, but there was a sudden explosion and the first war ended. 

Second WarEdit

After a few years, Jacob, posing as a new Lord Agony, created a new generation of Clockworks. His, however, were inferior to the originals created by Agonius due to a imperfect design that caused them to leak Source. Additionally, Jacob's were less durable and had a limited life span as they would eventually collapse and run out of Source. Despite this, Jacob managed to wrestle a sizable area from Antonia with sheer numbers. The Clockworks overran area after area and it looked like they might win the second war. Lock, however, was able to hold them in some areas but could not defend the whole kingdom by himself. However, after the battle of Antonia, Agony surrendered and the Clockworks were defeated again.


Periodically throughout the game, Clockworks are upgraded to Silver versions, and then to Elite (blue) versions. The upgraded versions have more health and attack power but drop more Source.

Members Edit

Leaders Edit

Generals Edit

Lord Agony's generals are boss units in the game, and are colored red. Unlike regular Clockworks they do not fall apart after a day and therefore must be defeated in order to complete the day. They also are not entirely affected by Freeze Snares (it only affects their ability to move but not the ability to attack or damage) unlike regular Clockworks. The reason they are more stable is unknown. They are also not affected by Weaken Touch traps.

Main article: Pain
Pain Idle

Pain is one of Agony's generals, and the first boss fought in the game. Pain is the superpowered version of the Clockwork Soldier. He leads the Clockworks attack in Seacrest Shores, and leads the direct attack on the Knights in Northshore Fort. As his "new boss" description says, "In charge of commanding the western front". He is fought on Day 12/Day 8, and appears as a boss in the Siege mode, on Day 5.

Main article: Sapper
Sapper Idle

The Sapper is a superpowered, red recolor of the Clockwork Burrower, and the second boss fought in the game. After every day in Deception Pass, the Sapper sets off explosive that destroy the walls, forcing Lock to rebuild them. After the cutscene in Day 29/Day 23, the Sapper is finally fought and defeated on Day 30/Day 24.

Main article: Heavy

Heavy is a superpowered version of the Clockwork Knight, and the third boss fought in the game. He leads the Clockworks attack in Iceflo Taiga. He is fought on Day 36/Day 27, and is also fought in the Siege mode, on Day 15.

Phantom RingleaderEdit
Main article: Phantom Ringleader
Phantom Ringleader Idle

The Phantom Ringleader is a superpowered, red recolor of the Clockwork Phantom, and the fourth boss fought in the game. After the battle on Day 48/Day 35, The Phantom Ringleader ambushes Lock and Bluebit completely with his Clockwork Phantom army. However, Lock manages to defeat him on Day 49/Day 36, and with the help of a Revealer.

Main article: Beast
Beast Idle

Beast is the fifth boss fought in the game, and a superpowered version of the Clockwork Brute. He is first seen on the first cutscene in Well Cluster, along with Lord Agony and other Clockwork units. After the battle in Day 59/Day 43 in the Ironfist Quarry, Beast makes his second encounter and is defeated by Lock and Isaiah on Day 60/Day 44.

Main article: Mute
Mute Idle

Mute is the sixth boss fought in the game, and a superpowered version of the Clockwork Magician. He leads a Silver/Elite Clockwork Army to push back Kingdom Force in Dark Ridge. After the battle in Day 86, Heathern attempts to defeat him herself, but is quickly ambushed by several Elite Burrowers, but is defeated by Lock and the remaining Kingdom Force soldiers instead on Day 87/Day 63. Mute is decipted as Agony's best general, likely due to his loyalty, intelligence and power.

Other Members Edit

Types of Clockworks Edit

These clockworks will come in waves of mixed groups. Later in the game each type is upgraded, first to Silver types and then to Elite (blue) types, with the exception of the Magician, which does not have a silver upgrade.

Clockworks Edit

Clockwork Soldier Edit
Main article: Clockwork Soldier
Clockwork Soldier Idle

Clockwork Soldiers are the common foot soldiers of the Clockwork Army. They are introduced to the player on the tutorial. Soldiers possess simple melee attacks, but are very effective when in groups. They upgrade to Silver Soldiers on Day 54/Day 40, and upgrade to Elite Soldiers on Day 72/Day 53.

Clockwork Archer Edit
Main article: Clockwork Archer
Clockwork Archer Idle

Clockwork Archers are the common long distance attackers of the Clockwork Army. The are introduced to the player on Day 3/Day 2. Archers can attack targets from a distance, sometimes beyond the range of turrets. They upgrade to Silver Archers on Day 56/Day 42, and upgrade to Elite Archers on Day 74/Day 54.

Clockwork Knight Edit
Main article: Clockwork Knight
Clockwork Knight Idle

Clockwork Knights are the advanced versions of Clockwork Soldiers that wield a sledge hammer. They are introduced to the player on Day 6/Day 3. Knights can spin their hammers 360 degrees, dealing a great amount of damage to any nearby walls. They upgrade to Silver Knights on Day 58/Day 43, and upgrade to Elite Knights on Day 76/Day 55.

Clockwork Brute Edit
Main article: Clockwork Brute
Clockwork Brute Idle

Clockwork Brutes are heavily-aromred Clockworks of the Clockwork Army. They are introduced to the player on Day 8/Day 6. Brutes charge into walls with a jetpack, they power themselves up, and run directly into a wall. They upgrade to Silver Brutes on Day 60/Day 44, and upgrade to Elite Brutes on Day 82/Day 59.

Clockwork Shielder Edit
Main article: Clockwork Shielder
Clockwork Shielder Idle

Clockwork Shielders are heavily-aromred Clockworks that wield a shield. They are introduced to the player on Day 14/Day 10. Using their shields, they can attract turret fire, leaving turrets vulnerable to enemy attacks, unless using splash turrets like Burning Splashs or Acid Bombs. They upgrade to Silver Shielders on Day 60/Day 46, and upgrade to Elite Shielders on Day 82/Day 60.

Clockwork Magician Edit
Main article: Clockwork Magician
Clockwork Magician Idle

Clockwork Magicians are the first magic-using Clockworks of the Clockwork Army who wear wizard hats and robes. They are introduced to the player on Day 19/Day 13. Magicians can cast elemental earth magic spells, such as dropping rocks on a target, or creating a circle of fire that deals damage within the circle. Their magic can be nullified via the Anti-Magic Field trap. They upgrade to Elite Magicians on Day 88/Day 65.

Clockwork Healer Edit
Main article: Clockwork Healer
Clockwork Healer Idle

Clockwork Healers are the second magic-using Clockworks of the Clockwork Army. They are introduced to the player on Day 26/Day 20. Healers are able to repair damage done to fellow Clockworks, recoverng +50 of enemy's health. Healers are also stated as the most annoying Clockwork unit, along with Shielders. This ability, however, can be rendered useless via the Anti-Magic Field trap. They upgrade to Silver Healers on Day 66/Day 49, and upgrade to Elite Healers on Day 90/Day 66.

Clockwork Flyer Edit
Main article: Clockwork Flyer
Clockwork Flyer Idle

Clockwork Flyers and the only flying troops of the Clockwork Army. They are introduced to the player on Day 32/Day 25. They can hover in the air, making them immune to traps and turrets, except the Flak Cannon. They can also destroy traps on the ground. They upgrade to Silver Flyers on Day 68/Day 50, and upgrade to Elite Flyers on [[Day 92]/Day 68.

Clockwork Burrower Edit
Main article: Clockwork Burrower
Clockwork Burrower Idle

Clockwork Burrowers are lighter-armored version of Clockwork Brutes in the Clockwork Army. They are introduced to the player on Day 38/Day 29. While weaker than Brutes, Burrowers can burrow under the ground to avoid enemy attacks and move behind walls. This can be combated via the Deep Charge trap. They upgrade to Silver Burrowers on Day 64/Day 47, and upgrade to Elite Burrowers on Day 86/Day 62.

Clockwork Phantom Edit
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Clockwork Phantom Idle

Clockwork Phantoms are the ghost-like clockworks of the Clockwork Army. They are also one of the least understood types. They are introduced to the player on Day 47/Day 35. Phantoms can turn invisible, which makes them nearly impossible to track, unless if a Revealer. They upgrade to Silver Phantoms on Day 70/Day 51, and upgrade to Elite Phantoms on Day 94/Day 70.

Language Name Meaning






mecha soldiers




Silver Clockworks: Silver SoldierSilver ArcherSilver KnightSilver BruteSilver ShielderSilver BurrowerSilver MagicianSilver HealerSilver FlyerSilver Phantom
Elite Clockworks: Elite SoldierElite ArcherElite KnightElite BruteElite ShielderElite BurrowerElite MagicianElite HealerElite Flyer
Elite Phantom

Bosses: PainSapperHeavyPhantom RingleaderBeastMuteWar Machine


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