Kenan sprite sheet
Kenan, the Chief Archineer
Faction Archineers
Source 1000
Health 1049 (easy) 1500 (normal) 1875 (hard)
Damage punch: 17 lightning: 45 (Easy) punch: 25 lightning: 65 (Normal) punch: 31 lightning: 81 (Hard)
Ability Teleports through walls (unique ability), Shoots lightning (Archineer Universal Ability)
First encountered First Antonia Visit (normal) Day 100 (In-battle)

Kenan is the Chief Archineer and de-facto leader of Antonia and Kingdom Force during wartime, answering only to the King. He and Jacob were the heroes of the Great War.

Great WarEdit

Not much is known of Kenan's past before the first war. He is a very skilled Archineer. In the Great War, he was one of the Archineers assigned to the assault on Dark Ridge, along with Jacob. When the attack began he and Jacob were able to penetrate deep into the fortress, all the way to Agony's chamber. However, Kenan was unable to continue due to injuries sustained in the fighting (Although is was was implied it was simply cowardice that led him to pretending to be injured). When Jacob entered alone and defeated Lord Agony. Kenan was one of the only survivors, but made himself sound like the real hero, excluding the part of the story involving his "injury".

Shortly after, he was promoted to Chief Archineer, a position he held until his death at the end of the second war. 


Kenan has the ability to shoot lightning, like many archineers, and also has the unique ability to teleport through walls.

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