Kingdom Force

The soldiers of Kingdom Force.

Kingdom Force is the military of the kingdom, tasked with defending it from the Clockwork Army. Kingdom Force was created to combat Lord Agony's forces in the first Great War. Kingdom Force works closely with the Archineers, which acts as both commanders and special forces.

Great WarEdit

It is unknown if Antonia maintained an army or military force of any kind before the Great War. However, when Agonius assumed the mantle of Agony and created the first army of clockworks, Kingdom Force was created to combat the invasion.

The specifics of its creation or how it fared in the first war are unknown, we do know that during the first war Kingdom Force sustained heavy casualties and was slowly pushed back by the Clockwork army. The Clockworks' larger numbers and their ability to simply rebuild those lost in combat gave the clockworks a distinct advantage.

As the Clockworks drew nearer to Antonia itself a last ditch offensive was launched. A small army attacked the Clockwork capitol at Dark Ridge. The Archineers Jacob and Kenan led the attack, penetrating deep. Jacob and Kenan alone managed to reach Lord Agony himself while the soldiers kept the clockworks occupied. What happened inside is unknown, but there was an explosion. And the war ended.

Second WarEdit

During the Second War, Kingdom Force was taken by surprise by the sudden resurgence of the Clockworks, losing a great deal of ground the first few weeks. As the war raged, Kingdom Forces where stretched thin, with every man needed at the front and not enough men to defend themselves. They were losing a great deal of source wells and soon casualties flooded Antonia. After the events of Lock's Quest and the end of the second war, Kingdom Force seems to have retained its place as peacekeeping organization.

Organization and WeaponsEdit

Kingdom Force appears to be formed out of volunteers who are formed into squads, these squads composition seem to very based on the role they're expected to play. These squads are led by Veteran Knights which in turn report to the Archineers. The types of soldiers are:

Kingdom Force Archer Idle

Archers: Lightly armored men armed with bows and arrows.

Pikeman Idle

Pikemen: Light infantrymen who wear little amor and carry spears to keep clockworks at range.

Kingdom Force Knight Idle

Knights: Heavily armored shock troops who are armed with a sword and a shield.

Veteran Idle

Veterans: Knights who have proven themselves in combat and have been promoted and given command of a squad, wear gold armor.


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