Lock's artwork.
Rank Archineer Recruit
Faction Archineers/Self
First appearance Day 1
Status Alive
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Lock is the protagonist of Lock's Quest. He is an orphan who lives in a seaside village with his grandfather Tobias and his little sister Emi.


Lock is a young man living in a coastal village, along with his sister, Emi, and grandfather, Tobias, west of Antonia. When this village (and indeed the entire kingdom) is attacked by a army of Clockworks under a new Lord Agony, Lock meets an Archineer named Isaiah who warns him of the impending invasion and helps him set up defenses. After holding off a small group of clockworks, Lock and the villagers are forced to abandon the village.  After traveling to Antonia, Lock then enlists as an archineer to helps the war effort against the clockworks. The Chief Archineer, Kenan, is doubtful of letting Lock join, as he has no previous training other than what his grandfather taught him. but Isaiah vouches for his skill in combat, finally Kenan relents and allows Lock to join the archineers.

After several months of intense fighting all over the kingdom, Lord Agony launches a huge attack on Antonia itself, Lock is imperative to its defense, not only defending the capital but destroying Lord Agony's secret weapon, War Machine. At the climax of the game, it is revealed that the new Lord Agony is none other than Tobias. Lock's supposed grandfather who is really Jacob, the hero from the first clockwork war who killed the orginal Agonius. Lock himself discovers he is himself clockwork, the greatest creation of Agonius. Jacob took Lock and raised him as a human, under the guise of Tobias. He created Emi, who is also clockwork, and the village in which Lock was raised. After this shocking revelation, Kenan snaps, singlemindedly attacking Jacob but in the process nearly fatally wounds Emi. As the game comes to a close, Kenan has been killed by his own fury and Tobias faces charges for his war crimes. Due to Emi being a clockwork she is unable to heal and thus is doomed to die. In penance for his crimes Tobias offers to give his soul to Emi, thus fixing her and redeeming himself. The game ends with Lock and Emi mourning at his grave.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

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Lock has 250 HP and his basic attack does 15 damage.

Lock has a variety of abilities, ranging from the ability to manipulate Source to create defensive contructs, to combat abilites taught to archineers such as shooting lighting or draining life from opponents. He is the only living Archineer able to drain enemies' source.

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