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Lord Agony
Lord Agony Portrait
Lord Agony's portrait.
Faction Archineers (formerly), Clockworks (currently).
Source 1000
Health 3149 (easy), 4500 (normal), 5625 (hard)
Damage Punch: 20 (easy), 30 (normal), 37 (hard)
Earthquake attack: 31 (easy), 45 (normal), 56 (hard)
Ability Teleports, earthquake attack, Lightning, explosions, steal Source.
First encountered Day 42, (DS, cutscene)
Day 31, (PC, PS4 & Xbox One, cutscene)

Lord Agony is the leader and creator of the Clockwork Army. He was a former Archineer who was banished for his work creating clockworks, and swore revenge. Lord Agony was actually the mantle taken by two different people the original was Agonius, the creator and leader of the Clockwork Army. The second was Jacob, also known as Tobias, who assumed the identity after the Great War.


The orginal Lord Agony was Agonius. Very little of his history is known, but he is described as the greatest archineer in Antonia and the architect of the nation. However he became obessed with source and using it to create life. The King, seeing the danger in these expermiments, demanded Agonius halt his work. When he refused Agonius was banished from Antonia. Infuriated, Agonius assumed the mantle of Agony and created an army of artificial constructs known as clockworks to invade Antonia to take over the kingdom and its source wells.

Battle of Dark Ridge and Death of AgoniusEdit

After an unkown amount of time, the war continued to rage on with heavy losses on both sides. Agony was slowly gaining the advantage, but in a daring assualt, the Archineers broke through the Clockworks lines and launched an attack on Agony's Fortress situated in Dark Ridge. Two archineers, Kenan and Jacob, led the attack and managed to fight their way to Agony's chambers.  Kenan, the weaker of the two, was injured and stayed behind while Jacob confronted Agony alone. When he came face-to-face with the elder archineer, Agony was a old and frail man who was near death. It is unknown exactly what was said between the two, but in the end Agony showed Jacob his life's work, a young Lock. Lock was to be Agony's perfect creation: a Clockwork almost indestinguishable from a human. In his final act Agony transferred his own soul to Lock to give him true life. Again it is not clarified exactly what happened, but shortly aftarward there was a huge explosion, Dark Ridge was destroyed and the Clockworks where left leaderless and quickly defeated. Agony and Jacob where presumed dead while Kenan later became the head of the Archineers.

Rise of the Second Lord AgonyEdit

After the death of the orginal Agony, Jacob turned to a self imposed exile, studying Agony's work and attempting to replicate it, as was how Emi was created. After some time spent raising Lock and Emi, Jacob began building a second clockwork army. He took up the mantle of Lord Agony and began a new war for the kingdom. (it should be noted that his new Clockworks were apprently inferior to the orginal, being weaker and less intellegent than Agonius's) he continued to raise Lock and Emi, unaware of the war.

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