Materials refer to the different kinds of materials that walls, turrets, and helpers can be made from.

Upgrades Edit

Wood Edit

Wood is the first material available to build with. It costs the least Source and is destroyed easily.

Stone Edit

Stone is unlocked after saving the Nomad Settlement from the Clockworks on Day 26, along with the Clockwork Healer and the Acid Bomb turret. Stone is stronger and more expensive than wood.

Metal Edit

Metal is unlocked after securing the iron in Ironfist Quarry on Day 56, along with the Silver Archer. It is stronger and more expensive than stone.

Spiked Edit

Spiked walls are unlocked after fighting in Tarn Highlands on Day 77. Heathern teaches Lock how to make these walls. Spiked walls replace Wooden walls and are the strongest and most expensive wall, in addition to damaging attacking enemies, dealing 10 damage each time an enemy attacks.