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Seer hello
Rank --
Faction Unaligned
First appearance Day 37, Day 66, Day 82
Status Alive

The Seers are mysterious Archineers who live alone in caves. They used to be followers of Agonius before realizing the error of their ways, and now live in self-imposed exile.

Frozen CavernsEdit

The first Seer lives in a cave in the northern mountains, Frozen Caverns. After Lock defeats the Clockworks in Deception Pass, Gentz tells Lock of a powerful Archineer who lives in the mountains. Gentz gives Lock a small blue creature called Bluebit and asks Lock to return Bluebit to the Seer.

Saltspray CaveEdit

The second Seer lives in Saltspray Cave, on the western shore. After Emi and Lock are reunited, Emi takes Lock to see the Seer who helped her when she was injured.

Fenbog GrottoEdit

The third Seer lives in Fenbog Grotto. Kenan tells Lock to visit a Seer to the southwest of Antonia before he goes to fight at Dark Ridge.

Kenan's FuneralEdit

At the end of the game, a Seer can be seen watching Kenan's funeral secretly. It is probably the Seer from Fenbog Grotto, because Kenan referred to this Seer as a friend, and he is the only Seer to speak positively of Kenan at all.


  • The Seers bear a resemblance to Samuel, a hooded Raposa in Drawn to Life. In the Old Testament of the Bible, Samuel is a prophet, also called a seer. However, the Seers in Lock's Quest are definitely not prophets.
  • Each Seer's cave has an obelisk in it.
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