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Source is a mysterious, etherial resource. Its origins are vague and it is heavily suggested to be of a mystical realm beyond ours. Source can be used by Archineers to create many useful devices such as turrets, machines, and clockworks. It gives the user borderline godlike powers to create and manipulate matter as well as various other uses. When war breaks out, source becomes a invaluable resource.

Source WellsEdit

Source Wells are mysterious structures found all over the world. No one knows where they came from, or how they work. Source is found in abundance in Source Wells, making them an important asset to both the Archineers and the Clockwork Army. Archineer Hall was built around its Source Well, which is one of the largest ever discovered. Likewise, Antonia was built around Archineer Hall.

Archineers are unable to create Source Wells. Source Wells are ancient artifacts from the birth of civilization, said to have been created by divine beings.

Source Crate Edit

Source crates are special containers that are used to transport source. Because source is an etherial substance, it is not easily stored or transported and source crates must be used. It is shown early in the game where Lock's mission is to protect it from clockworks.

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