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Rank --
Faction Clockworks
First appearance Day 1
Status Deceased

Tobias was Lock and Emi's guardian, he raised them as his own in a seaside village. Late in the game it is revealed he's actually Jacob, a hero from the First War who later assumes the mantle of Lord Agony.

Early Life and First WarEdit

Nothing is known of Jacob's early life, we do know he joined the Archineers at a young age. He quickly rose through the ranks due to skill. When the first war broke out he was on the frontlines, helping Kingdom Force holding off the clockwork advance. Finally near the end of the war, Jacob, Kenan and Kingdom Force launched the assault on Dark Ridge. Kenan and Jacob both managed to penetrate deep in Agony's fortress. Kenan was unable to continue due to his "injuries" (implied to be cowardice) but Jacob continued into Agony's chamber, when he confronted Agony. Jacob found a frail old man, Agonius a shadow of his former self.

Agony confided in Jacob regretting it having to come to war. He showed Jacob his greatest creation. Lock, lock was the most perfect clockwork Agonius had ever created, but he needed a human soul power him. as his dying wish, Agonius asked Jacob to look after lock. it is unknown exactly what Jacob said, or his reaction. but in the end, he accepted. Agonius gave his soul to lock as his dying action, with his death the clockwork empire fell. Jacob was never found and considered KIA. In reality he had taken Lock and fled to the seaside village lock would later grow up in. Taking the name Tobias and pretending to be Lock's grandfather.

Tobias attempted to recreate Agonius's work by creating Emi. In some ways more advanced than Lock, she was able to "live" without Tobias necessarily giving his soul to her. They lived together in the village until Isaiah appeared.

Second WarEdit

When Lock brings Isaiah home and says Clockworks are preparing to attack the village, Tobias pretends to not believe them at first. He sends out a search party for Emi, who went missing, and prepares to evacuate the village.