Turrets are structures that shoot cannonballs or bombs at enemies, damaging or afflicting status effects on them from a distance. A turret's defense depends on the material it is built on and Fortification, or the number of walls connected to it.


  • Basic Turret: This simple tower quickly fires shots at nearby enemies one at a time.
  • Goo Launcher: This tower expels sticky globs that slow the advance of enemy units.
  • Burning Splash: This tower fires explosive shots that hit every enemy in an area.
  • Acid Bomb: This tower shoots balls of acid that splash nearby clockworks, dissolving them.
  • Flak Cannon: This tower fires deadly clouds of shrapnel in the air, damaging Clockwork Flyers.
  • Gungnir: This is a prototype long-range high-powered turret still being developed. Though expensive, it improves on the Basic Turret in virtually every way.