War Machine
Faction Clockworks
Source 2000
Health 2974 (easy) 4250 (normal) 5312 (hard)
Damage 27 (easy) 40 (normal) 50 (hard)
Ability Unknown
First encountered Day 96, Antonia Gates

The War Machine is a powerful Clockwork boss and Lord Agony's secret weapon against Antonia. It is one of the final bosses of the game. The War Machine is fought on Day 96, at Antonia Gates.

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In the days leading up to the final battle for Antonia, Lord Agony's army of clockworks continues to claim Source Wells, gaining more resources to power the fearsome secret weapon known as the War Machine. Outside of Ironfist Quarry (check day) Lock and Isaiah manage to interrogate a malfunctioning clockwork, whose objective is to gain more Source to power it. Kenan sends Isaiah on a reconnaissance mission to gain more information about the War Machine while Lock goes to Dark Ridge.


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